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The Thomas Society….The plans….

December 7, 2010

Hello Thomasites and Bleakers,

I have been overwhelmed by the response from all of you when I announced the return of The Thomas Society. Thanks.

We are coming back on Thursday, January 6th. As many of you know, this blog started out as the web presence of my campus ministry at Ohio State known as The Thomas Society. After I moved up in my organization, I could no longer keep up with this blog. I also had a novel coming out and I have been on tour for the past three months. It’s been awesome, but the blog couldn’t be maintained. Plus, frankly, I had gotten burnt out on the atheist/Christian dialogue.

We are not going to leave that behind, but we are going to expand the blog into other areas. My time has been crunched lately (more about that in the days ahead), so I have asked six friends of mine to co-host this blog. Their names and biographies will be added soon and they will be “editors” of each day.

So, how will this be done? It will follow a weekly schedule that will go something like this:

Sunday: Theology

Monday: Atheist day (edited by atheists with no oversight by me)

Tuesday: Politics (right and left)

Wednesday: Academics

Thursday: Cultural (I will announce that I’m the editor for this day)

Friday: Science

Saturday: Reviews, Guest blogs, etc.

So, there you have it. We will also have the return of the Attie awards in an expanded form. I know you all have missed them.

Why I’m a doing this? Well, there are a variety of reasons. I feel like there is a place on the web to expand the principles of The Thomas Society to a broader cultural discussion.  Our culture has flown headfirst into the cesspool of slime in the way we talk to each other. My hope is The Thomas Society will help us have rational discussion on topic even while we disagree.

And, to be honest, the atheist book I wrote (about my time with atheists) is now going to be shopped starting in January along with the continued interest in my novel The Faithful. I wanted to take advantage of my new fan base and make The Thomas Society into a larger vision.

I’ll announce the editors hopefully next week.

Until then, Stay Tuned…..More changes to the blog will be happening in the next couple of weeks….

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