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She died in the doorway…

March 24, 2010

Just a warning, this blog is going to be a little raw.

Trinity Community Center, our hosts for the week, fixes up abandoned houses in the neighborhood. So, when they have work groups come into town, they concentrate on fixing these houses for people who need a home.

The house we are working in right now has just recently come into Trinity’s possession. It had been owned by a very old couple. The husband had died three years before Katrina and the wife…

Well, the wife died in the doorway of her house during the storm from the flood waters.  

We found this out after we had started to demo the inside. I have no doubt this house hasn’t been touched since Katrina. From what the people at Trinity tell us, it’s exactly how houses looked just after the storm. Walls caved in, dry wall buckled and ceilings collapsed. Personal items strung about the whole house. Our neighborhood friend told us that no one in the family had come by the house since the storm and didn’t want have anything to do with it. Can’t say that I really blame them.

This story hit our group hard and sobered us, especially after we found Patsy’s wallet with her driver’s license still inside. Our crew, which is a jolly lot, have been pretty sober since we heard this story and saw Patsy’s picture.

I’m pretty ragged right now. What do you do with a story like this? I guess tell it to others, so we can remember Patsy and others who died during the storm. 

I have told what I know of it.

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