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Pirates Parlay and our day of work

March 23, 2010

Okay, for some reason, my video camera has decided to go nuts. I’m back to writing. I’m glad. I hate video blogging. I hate taking pictures and making videos of myself is just punishment.  I’m not exactly photogenic and I feel like an idiot talking into the camera.

If you want to see great video stuff, go to Ashley’s channel. She is better at it anyway.

Today was a great day. We did a lot of great work projects . First, we finished a basketball court for Trinity Community Center, the place that is hosting us. Our group of atheists/Christians did some amazing work in a short amount of time. The job required us to move a ton of dirt that had been dug up for the basketball court and help level the ground around the court. Our group of twenty three finished this job in one morning. Everyone pitched in and really did a fantastic job. I, on the other hand, had to run around getting sweatshirts and buying us more food. Not very exciting, but had to be done. Can’t have hungry cold workers.

In the afternoon, we went to work helping to demo the inside of a house. There is something oddly satisfying taking a sledge hammer to a wall. Gestalt therapy? Well, I’m not really angry at anyone, but it’s sure a lot of fun. Once again, our crew went through the house in record time. We demolished walls, breathed in mold and filled the floor with broken plaster. Again, I think the Americorp/Trinity folk were a bit amazed. Truthfully, so was I. I can’t believe we got that amount of work done in one day and we were even done early.

After a great dinner of fried chicken cajun style and of course, red beans and rice (a New Orleans Monday night staple), we headed to Lafite’s Blacksmith shop, the unofficial home of our merry little band. I asked everyone to share why they might be a Christian or an atheist. So, imagine this, twenty three college students, sitting in an outdoor courtyard of a reputed pirate tavern talking abour issues of faith and life. That would have been interesting enough, but as is so often the case in my life, things got just a bit weirder.

Apparently, a “voodoo priestess” overheard our conversation. I used quotation marks because I’m highly dubious about her claims. For one, she gives nightly ghost tours around New Orleans. Nothing wrong with that, as those tours are very cool. She started her tours Lafitte’s and does her starting ritual in the courtyard where we were having our parlay. Asking our permission, she had her opening ritual in front of her tour group.

Readers of this blog know I believe, for a lack of a better term, the spiritual world. I think I would have been uncomfortable with observing an actual voodoo ritual, but I was pretty sure this was not going to be the real deal. I mean, she charges twenty dollars a person for her ghost tours. She has to give people the people what they paid for, right?

Her ritual consisted of putting ritualistic powder on the ground and talking about releasing the inner god within. Interesting for the tourists, no doubt. But, the whole thing came off a little staged and forced. Terms like “the four winds” and angels were invoked, common staple terms in any garden variety New Age book.

Everyone in our group thought that we probably made her nervous. Although, we argued who made her the most nervous, atheist or Christians.

I’ll let you decided that one. I’m going to bed.

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