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Atheist reactions to Jubilee

February 28, 2010

Hey Thomasites,

Here a couple of good atheist reactions from Jubilee.

First up, Hemant’s reaction at Friendly Atheist.


For what it’s worth, I had a great time at the panel. I love that hundreds of Christians were willing to listen to such a dialogue and I really enjoyed talking to some of them afterwards

Then, from Rusty, one of Steve’s atheist friends from Penn State.

And finally, from Ashley on her video blog.

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  1. Alex permalink
    February 28, 2010 6:47 pm

    I liked the Hemant’s commenter who replied to one of the audience questions with “Having participated in the public school system, I would argue that they cannot manage the task of educating, let alone indoctrinating.”

    That’s my new stump speech for religion in public schools arguments.


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