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Further, more developed thoughts on Jubilee…

February 22, 2010

From the other half of my brain, Mr. Steve Lutz.

Some Highlights:

We had a large room with capacity for 500+, and it appeared we had standing room only. I laid the groundwork that this wasn’t going to be Jerry Springer or UFC 115, so people looking for blood and fireworks would be disappointed. I led off with some questions I had written in advance, and then started using the questions from the audience–which were written out, so I could organize & prioritize them. There were some great questions, and I saved all of them. I’ll probably blog them separately sometime, because it was fascinating to see what a bunch of Christian students ask when they have the chance.

Hemant and Ashley lived up to their reputations as willing and agreeable dialogue partners. They seemed to enjoy the opportunity, and gave winsome descriptions of their position. Still, that did not prevent us from pushing into some areas of disagreement. At one point, Hemant acknowledged a “faith in science,” a revealing statement which led to an interesting back-and-forth.

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