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Working Chapter Titles, Agent Stuff, etc.

December 2, 2009

By now all of you know that I have an agent. For some reason, he has agreed to represent my mad ramblings about hanging out with Pirate Atheists. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Mr. Wes Yoder, fellow crazyman and high class agent. Now that he is representing me , that high class title might go out the window. 🙂

Now comes the hard part, writing the rest of the book. I posted some time ago a rough chapter outline that I kind of liked. Now, I realize it came across as a three point Presbyterian sermon. So, I dumped it and revamped it. I like this line up a lot better.

Chapter One: Addressin’ Me Own Mates

Chapter Two: Me Own yarn

Chapter Three: Cap’n St Thomas, Patron Saint of Pirates

Chapter Four: Piratical History

Chapter Five: The Pirate Queen (Ashley)

Chapter Six: It’s All Natural, You See Swilling Sea Hag (Science and Reason, willfully stupid Christians)

Chapter Seven: Hangin’ with Jean Lafitte (New Orleans and Pirate morals)

Chapter Eight: Arrggh, Do Ye Speak Pirate (Atheist Culture and Swag)

Chapter Nine: Pirate’s Parlay (Hemant Mehta, Jay, Multicultural award)

Chapter Ten: Avast, did he really be walkin’ on water? (atheist views on Jesus)

Chapter Eleven: Teachin’ the Good Book (Atheist Bible Studies, Mike’s story)

Chapter Tweleve: Heave to, You Creationist Scalawags (The Trip to the Creation Museum)

Chapter Thirteen: The Gatherin’  (The SSA Conference)

Chapter Fourteen: I be bloggin’, matey.  

Chapter Fifteen: Keel Haulin’ Ray Comfort (The Attie Awards)

Epilogue: I learned Something Today

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