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So, you may or may not like this one….

October 8, 2009


Scholars Unplugged: Dr. Alvin Plantinga, Professor of Philosphy, Notre Dame

Does Evolution Undermine Atheism?

December 3, 2009, Jacob’s Porch, 45 East 13th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio

Sponsored by The Thomas Society,

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  1. Ray S. permalink
    October 8, 2009 2:14 pm

    Plantinga’s argument has been around for a while (4 years at least). Google will reveal some of the give and take. For me, all it undermines is his credibility as a scholar and critical thinker.

  2. Johann permalink
    October 8, 2009 2:43 pm

    Not about Plantinga, but I’m curious if you’ve come across this feisty lad before – looks like he’s based in Columbus.

  3. Johann permalink
    October 8, 2009 3:58 pm

    And while I’m at it…check out the links in this post by Andrew Sullivan. I rather like the reinterpretation.

  4. Fauxrs permalink
    October 8, 2009 6:20 pm

    I may or may not like this one?????

    No idea if I like it or not, I do know however I havent the faintest clue as to what you are talking about. 🙂

  5. thomas2026 permalink*
    October 8, 2009 6:24 pm

    Ha! Indeed. I was actually making reference to my little icon I made up for the talk. I rather like it. 🙂

  6. Matheus permalink
    October 8, 2009 7:12 pm

    Wow, we already passed the phase where theists argue that evolution doesn’t disprove god, and now they are already arguing that it proves god 🙂
    Platinga for the win!

  7. Fauxrs permalink
    October 8, 2009 7:40 pm


    Well in that case no it doesnt bother me. The Darwin fish is fine, the FSM, as amused as I am by the FSM and his followers, its just a humorous jab at the “teach the controversy” pushed forward by cdesign propentisists.

  8. Andrew permalink
    October 9, 2009 1:37 am

    Plantinga of course is a noted cdesign proponentsist himself, as a fellow of Dembski’s now-defunct ISCID.

  9. October 9, 2009 11:17 am

    Cute, but t’ perspective be all wrong. You see, it be not really a big evolution fish about t’ eat a tiny Flyin’ Spaghetti Monster (may he bless us with His noodly appendage), it be actually a giant FSM in t’ aftground sneakin’ up on its intended prey!

    Teach t’ controversy! Yarr!!

  10. Tiranna permalink
    October 9, 2009 3:16 pm

    Now that I look closer, it looks like FSM is holding the fishy’s mouth open & reaching into its innards. Too much SciFi for me, maybe.

  11. AdamK permalink
    October 9, 2009 3:55 pm

    It ought to be a giant FSM giving birth to a baby darwinfish.

  12. October 9, 2009 9:44 pm

    Will a copy of this talk be available online?

  13. thomas2026 permalink*
    October 9, 2009 9:47 pm

    Oh yes, right here if we can swing it. Thanks for stopping in Jake!

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