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It’s official…

September 9, 2009

I am now on the Secular Student Alliance speaker’s bureau. If your student group is associated with the SSA, I’ll come speak on your campus for free!

Here is the press release:

Secular Student Alliance Speakers Bureau Encourages Dialogue with Rev. Jonathan Weyer
Submitted by Lyz on Sat, 2009-09-05 04:04.

The Secular Student Alliance is pleased to announce that we have added the Reverend Jonathan Weyer to our Speakers Bureau. While Rev. Weyer is an ordained orthodox minister, he has an uncommon penchant for fostering dialogue and cooperation between the religious and the nonreligious.

Rev. Jonathan Weyer is a self described religious nutjob who lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Wendy, three kids and a cat. He is a campus minister at The Ohio State University with the CCO-The Cloister and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Along with Ashley Paramore, board member of the SSA, he planned a discussion with Hemant Mehta that won a Multicultural award from the Ohio State University. He loves bringing together believers, nonbelievers, skeptics, atheists, and doubters to discuss why God calls people to a lifestyle of doubt. In his spare time, he loves to write, read and drink hard cider. He also maintains a blog for the Thomas Society at

Rev. Weyer is available to speak on the following topics.

How to cooperate with religious groups
A Chaplain to Pirates: My life among the Pastafarians (the story of how Ashley and I started working together)
Creating a blogging world for Christians and Atheists
Understanding how Christians view the world
Atheist “Bible Studies”
Addressing objections to God’s existence from a Christian point of view
Understanding American Christianity
Why God calls us to be Doubters and Skeptics

If you are interested in having Rev. Weyer come speak at your campus, please contact the campus organizer at

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Ms. Crazy Pants permalink
    September 9, 2009 8:31 pm

    Thanks for posting this. Some additional questions….
    1) How much do you charge if there is a charge?

    2) Are you one who needs a hotel room, or is providing a borrowed bed at someone’s house acceptable?

    3) Can we request a different topic? Mainly, I would wonder how both the religious and the secular could work together to stop the spread the absolute “nutjobism.” Even when I was a believer, I felt there was a way to approach things in a rational manner and could never stand religious divas. If rational Christians, rationalists from other religions, and rational atheists could work towards that kind of goal, we’d manage to help each other out a lot.

  2. Ms. Crazy Pants permalink
    September 9, 2009 8:32 pm

    4) Do you only speak locally?

  3. thomas2026 permalink*
    September 9, 2009 9:55 pm

    Hey MCP,

    1) If you an affliate with the SSA, there is no charge other than paying expenses. If you aren’t with the the SSA, then I’m willing to accept whatever, dinner, Barnes and Noble gift card, etc, etc. 🙂 And, expenses of course, travel, food.

    2) Nope, borrowed bed would be just fine. Depending on where you are, I might be able to find my own. I do like only green M and M’s however. 🙂

    3) You can certainly request a different topic and the one you mentioned would certainly be a good one. The ones listed on the SSA site are just “suggestions”

    4). I will speak where ever and when ever someone wants to have me. So, if you are interested, either email the SSA to set it up or email me directly at

  4. Ms. Crazy Pants permalink
    September 9, 2009 10:53 pm

    Despite my status as a permanent student, I am not affiliated with the SSA. I need to discuss it with the group as this would end up being a group effort. I appreciate the information though.

  5. thomas2026 permalink*
    September 9, 2009 11:01 pm

    No problem. You are in Urbana, correct? That’s a pretty easy drive, I think. As I said, as long as I get travel covered, speaker’s fee would be completely negotiable.

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