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N.T. Wright on steroids

September 1, 2009

Hey Ya’ll-

Since a lot of discussion has been around the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth, and more so around the Resurrection, I have decided that I will be blogging through N.T. Wright’s opus, The Resurrection of the Son of God. The reason for doing this is two-fold. First, the work is nearly 1,000 pages, and I can condense the main points for our discussion here. Second, Wright is regarded as having an Orthodox Christian view on Jesus, while using all of the critical methods at his disposal, and is regarded by both non-Christians and Christian biblical scholars alike as the foremost Christian biblical scholar. Including, as Richard Ostling from TIME calls “The greatest traditional Christian scholar of our time.”

So, starting tomorrow, we will begin to walk through the Resurrection.

Grace and Peace, Eric

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