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What’s coming up here at the Thomas Society

August 12, 2009

So, as I think I told some of you, I had never planned for this blog to explode as it has. I guess I have PZ and this whole Creation Museum mess to thank. Oh, and Tom, thanks Tom.

I had no plans for this blog other than to inform everyone about The Thomas Society meetings that happen once school stars at Ohio State and maybe some material of what we discussed.

Well, you all have pushed those plans out of the window. Instead, here is what you can expect starting next

Mondays: The Attie Awards and weird religious news.
Tuesdays with Philosophy
Wendsday History
Theological Thursday (Talking about the Nicene Creed and hard bible verses)
Science Friday (With apologies to NPR)

As for the weekend, it might be any weirdness I decide to post.

I’m also working on an idea of having formal blog debates between some “heavy” hitters from both sides.

I tried to make the categories in line with questions that all have you asked in the comment area discussion.

Hope that’s helpful everyone. Thanks for making my blog a HUGE hit.


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  1. Denovo permalink
    August 12, 2009 2:52 am

    For Theological Thursday, I hope that you’ll eventually address the internal inconsistencies in the Bible and how you have resolved those (assuming that you have).

    By the way, I don’t mean in any way to flood you with comments. I’m just excited to have the opportunity to learn about a worldview from a believer who applies critical thinking, unlike Ken Ham, The Pastor, and their ilk.

  2. Jerome permalink
    August 12, 2009 3:08 am

    Don’t let yourself get burned out too quickly 🙂 Maybe some of the CCO (?) members could guest-post or something.

    Incidentally, your feed link on the sidebar is broken. Appears to be an unclosed image tag. The feed address is still in the source though, and here for anyone else who wants to subscribe:

    De omnibus dubitandum est.

  3. August 12, 2009 3:08 am

    You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to stuff about Ussher, and I’d be curious on getting some insight into when the concept of the soul separate from the body came into Christian tradition, as opposed to the faithful rising bodily from their graves for judgement that the Gospels seem to suggest.

    Now I have to wait until Monday.

    Is it Monday yet?

  4. August 12, 2009 7:33 am

    If we atheists and other non-theists have glommed onto your blog en masse, you have only your thoughtful and welcoming stance to blame. While you and I may fundamentally disagree, it is a real pleasure to read a theist’s perspective that does not revolve around the axiom that we are enemies. I don’t feel that way, and I can only guess that other non-theists who are not interested in an “us vs. them” style of debate (though plenty are, of course, just like the theists) enjoy your approach as much as I do.

    When I read Ken Ham’s writing, I skip over the parts where he begins talking about God. I don’t do that with yours. Congratulations on your newfound success.

  5. pbxx permalink
    August 12, 2009 7:56 am

    Look forward to these regular posts.

  6. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 12, 2009 1:46 pm

    Bowing to you, Zen Monkey. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stick around.


  7. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 12, 2009 1:55 pm

    That’s a great one, the body soul thing. A quick answer is that it came from a Greek philsophical discussion of Paul’s words that when people die, they go to be with Christ. But even in Paul, this is not considered the ideal state. Paul was a full on Jew who understood that the final ressurection was to be in the body.

    Actually, if you are into reading LONG books, I would recommend N.T. Wright’s book on the ressurection. He covers all of that ground in very detailed explanations. I can’t recommend it enough. My only complaint is that it’s not made to be read on a popular level. But, so far, his arguments have not been answered.

    Monday is only the begining. By the way, love the artwork on your blog. Do you do that for a living or just a hobby? Have you ever considered doing graphic novel work? If so, let me know. I have a book that I want to turn into a graphic novel. The story is good, but it was my first, so the writing is not so good.


  8. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 12, 2009 1:57 pm

    No worries, as long as you are not trolling, I’ll never complain.

    Bible incosistencies are certainly in the pipeline for the theological discussions. I’m trying to figure out a logical order to the whole discussions.


  9. August 12, 2009 2:17 pm

    I’m actually training to draw for a living. I’ve just completed a prep course for animation, and I start classes for the actual animation course four weeks from today, so I’m trying to get my skills in shape. My actual goal is to work in graphic novels, rather than animation, but most of the skills are very similar.

    I probably won’t get a chance to read the N.T. Wright book, I’m going to have enough reading ahead of me with Illusion of Life by Thomas and Johnson, and Stanchfield’s Drawn to Life books over the next little while. But thanks for the quick overview.

  10. August 12, 2009 2:43 pm

    One of the interesting things about Muslim philosophy (particularly in fiqh – jurisprudence) is that they take inconsistency as a given and work with it to try to extract appropriate meaning from the Quran and Haditha. A few months back I picked up Wael B. Hallaq’s “A History of Islamic Legal Theories”, and it was an excellent read (there are a number of other books on Fiqh that I’ve read, but this was the most deeply philosophical). I suspect you might enjoy it as well.

  11. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 12, 2009 4:54 pm

    Would you be interested in maybe working together? I can send you the first few pages of the script.


  12. Kaylee permalink
    August 12, 2009 6:00 pm

    Well, Johnathan, I, for one, am not sorry that you have had to have a change in plans for this blog 🙂 I really appreciate your tone and posts here and certainly will enjoy the upcoming line up.

    It is honestly so refreshing to find a religious blog that doesn’t have every other post focus on “these people are evil, these people are going to hell”.

  13. Kaylee permalink
    August 12, 2009 6:01 pm

    Sorry I added an extra “h” to your name…

  14. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 12, 2009 6:04 pm

    No worries Kaylee. Makes it look kinda of european and cool. 🙂

    In seriousness, thanks for stopping in! Hope you stick around!


  15. August 12, 2009 7:14 pm

    Oh heavens, it’s far too early for me to even consider that, I’m afraid. I’ve got a lot I need to work on before I’m ready to jump into actually drawing comics (although I did try once before, it didn’t turn out so hot). Not to mention, starting very soon I’m going to be very busy with classes. So I don’t expect to have a lot of time for personal projects, I’m afraid.

  16. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 12, 2009 9:32 pm

    No problem. If you here of anyone interested, by all means, send them my way.

  17. Roger permalink
    August 13, 2009 12:07 am


    Keep the good work up – this is by far the best Christian blog I’ve come across and I will most definitely be a regular visitor/commenter, as it’s great to have a Christian I can discuss my atheist views with without being threatened with eternal damnation or having the Bible thrust into things as a sole source of all truth whether you believe in it or not.

    I will particularly look forward to “the Atties” as I think it’s a great idea to highlight this kind of foolishness, but I do already have a question – why are you limiting it to Christians and Atheists ? Why not Muslims/Hindus/Sikhs/Bhuddists/Mormons/Scientologists/UFOlogists or any other religious groups you can think of ? Is it just that if you start considering al these for the Atties you could end up doing one a day instead of one a week ??



  18. thomas2026 permalink*
    August 13, 2009 3:21 am

    Hmmm, that’s a great idea on the Atties. I like it. Let’s do it! That would certainly give us enough material for years.

    IF we did UFOlogists, the first one would be Stanton Friedman. That guy is obnoxious. I listen to Coast to Coast AM when I can’t sleep just for laughs. They always have that guy on.

  19. AdamK permalink
    August 13, 2009 1:36 pm

    I hope you don’t feel a need to structure it too strictly. Things do have a way of coming up out of context.

    I hope it goes well for you and that goods things come of it.

    I hope you find yourself posting more often than you think you will. I think frequest brief posts are very good for a blog.

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